EXHIBITION: Anne Wallace 'Strange Ways'

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 05:02 -- eyeline

Anne Wallace’s figurative paintings are freed from convention, exposing seductive and sinister human curiosities. Held at the QUT Art Museum, Strange Ways displays over 80 of Wallace’s works spanning the past three decades. Curated by Gallery Director Vanessa Van Ooyen, Strange Ways is the most comprehensive exhibition of Wallace’s work yet. Pieces were obtained from both public and private collections to create this extensive retrospective show.

Wallace’s practice has been a coherent effort, contributing to Australian painting by undermining the conventions of figurative and interior painting. She curates her strange painterly scenes with reference to film noir, sixties sexual liberation, the femme fatale and autobiographical encounters. Strange Ways “encourages audiences to look below the surface, beyond the seemingly mundane, to reveal the worlds beneath, the worlds within, and the worlds beyond” (QUT Art Museum, 2019). This psychic probing of the viewer is guided by the incompleteness of Wallace’s aesthetic narratives, which lie in a world of unreality.

Strange Ways in conversation took place on Saturday the 9th of October at the QUT Art Museum, where Wallace along with writer and musician Francis Plagne and exhibition curator Vanesse Van Ooyen discussed the intimacies and intricacies of the show and Wallace’s career.

Strange Ways will be open from the 9 November 2019 until the 23 February 2020. Strange Ways will be travelling to the Art Gallery of Ballarat and Samstag Museum of Art in Adelaide. For more information, click here

Anne Wallace 'Faith' 2007 (Anne Wallace Works, 2019).