CONNECTION ARTS SPACE: Applications are open for our upcoming online exhibition, Unwrapped!

Mon, 23/11/2020 - 01:36 -- eyeline

About Unwrapped:

"Unwrapping our Rainbow Flag" is an ONLINE exhibition presented by the LGBTQIA+ members of Connection Arts Space (CAS) in line with the City of Greater Dandenong's first-ever LGBTQIA+ Festival!

The prompts are as follows:

There are 2 components of this exhibition:

1) Text/Writing - you can respond to either one, two, or even all of the prompts! This is to encourage people who would like to share their stories related to being a part of the community, an ally, or a story about the community. You can respond through plain writing, poetry, story, letter type, anything!

2) Visual Artworks - you can respond to the prompts in any way you see fit through your own creative medium. (1 artwork per person only, series are welcomed)

You can take the prompt and run with it until your heart’s content!

Be free, be you - let us help you deliver your story to the public.

Let us inspire, let people reflect, and have a deeper understanding of our community.

We acknowledge that some LGBTQIA+ people may have issues regarding safety, so please don't feel pressured to disclose your identity with us. You can be anonymous! We prioritize the safety and well-being of the people we interact within and outside CAS. We will protect your identity to our best power.

If you would like the opportunity to have your work featured, we invite you to apply below:

Applications Open!

The CAS team